Oilless Air Fryer

Best Kitchen Gadget to Become Addicted to Using

Why people love it
  • Delicious fried foods - even for the health conscious
  • Undeniably easy to use
  • Clean up is easier than you would think

You'll get tasty "fried" food without a drop of oil with this Rapid Air technology gadget. Along with that, the recipe booklet will tempt you beyond belief.

The fryer basket isn't nearly as big as we would like. And, you really do want to read through the instructions before using this bad boy. 


You know that deep-frying is terrible for you, but it's just so good. And yes, this will make you feel a little bit like a superhero. Not only is this one of the most enjoyable kitchen gadgets to work, it's also great for keeping your figure. Now you can get the tastiest food and snacks without the oil.  This particular model features a large cooking capacity so you can cook your favorites. Plus, it comes with a recipe booklet full of inspiring recipes and tips and tricks.  

What’s it used for? This fryer's patented technology allows you to make tasty fried foods that contain up to 80% less fat. Enjoy all sorts of fried appetizers and meals in a healthy way with this fryer. It also emits less smell and is far easier to clean than the typical fryer. 

Is it easy to use? Yep, but we seriously suggest reading the manual beforehand. Also, because you have manually adjustable time and temperature control, you may need to play around a bit. Once you get it right, however, it will be the best gadget in your kitchen. 

Dishwasher-safe? And it has dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning.

Will it break the bank? It's not terribly expensive, but no one is claiming this is the cheapest gadget on the list. You'll pay less for other deep frying methods that use oil, but you're paying for your health here. So, perhaps it's a savings if you use it often. 

What Reviewers Say: 

If you like fried foods but you can't stomach the fat (or would prefer not to stomach the fat), you'll want to read what reviewers say about this gadget:

  • We (my wife and I) were a little hesitant, but after using the fryer several times and experimenting with several temperature/minutes settings we found the right formula to get very good fried plantains, beef empanadas, and churros. Yes, is a little bit expensive but if you like fried food it is a good way to avoid the greasy mess when frying. Very easy to use and very easy to clean. It did meet our expectations.
  • Just loved it!! The food cooked, it tastes delicious, and it's a clean, no smell fryer!!!
  • Excellent piece for the health conscious citizens. Less oil, more taste in food as the spices used are well preserved in the cooking. The only negative aspect could be the power consumption. But, the health benefits outweigh all else.

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