Why people love it
  • Burns hot and boils quickly
  • Environmentally friendly, wood-burning stove
  • Durable and well made

Wood-burning stoves are always a great investment when you find one that works exactly as you need it to (as this one does). No fuel needed (other than the wood you collect while camping), super light to carry, and easy to use, this affordable camping stove is a great addition to your camping gear.

When you burn kindling, there’s always a chance you’re going to be left with a sooty residue—which some users have noted with this stove. There have also been complaints regarding flimsy construction.


Price: Since this stove is only $20, you’ve got to expect some tradeoffs in exchange for the low price. If you’re not opposed to extra soot cleanup or to being extra careful with a more delicate camping stove, then the small investment in this unit may just be worth it.

Size: This is the smallest camping stove on our list—it weighs less than a pound and it’s about 5” x 5” x 3”—so it makes for super easy packing and carrying. No issues have been reported with placing larger pots or pans on this stove.

Stability: There are three arms included on the stove which provide extra support to whatever pan has been placed atop it. The base itself is a flat cylinder, so it’ll lie flat on whatever surface you put it on.

Fuel: This is a strictly wood-burning stove, so fuel is free and very clean.

Reliability: With complaints made regarding the “flimsy construction” of this stove, it’s important to set proper expectations for what you can and cannot do with it. Other than that, so long as you can collect enough dry kindling, you shouldn’t have many problems with getting this stove to work in all temperatures, altitudes, or wind speeds.

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