Ohmme 2-Dogs Lined Yoga Shorts

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Why people love it
  • Tight base layer ensures nothing shows during inversions
  • Dries quickly
  • Sexy and flattering style

Just like the name suggests, these shorts are worth oMMMing about! Not only is the design genius but they are incredibly comfortable. Plus, you'll probably be the only guy wearing them. Could it get any better?

International sizes and shipping can make these complicated to order. Shorts only come in two colors. 


Ohmme is a small yoga menswear brand from London which is why many guys in the U.S. may not have heard of it. However, this brand is one of London's best kept secrets - really. The founder is a devoted Ashtangi with a mission to design menswear for yoga that works for sweaty practices.  

Material: The base layer is made of quick-dry fabric that makes them perfect for hot yoga. While the outer layer is cotton-based making them super comfy.

Fit, length, and features: The 2-Dogs Short combines a tight base layer with a looser over short, so you can forget about wearing additional underwear and concentrate fully on your poses in practice. These shorts have two unique layers. The first layer is skin tight (without being uncomfortable), think compression shorts. This layer comes a little further down the leg than the second layer to keep all your man parts where they should be, no matter the posture. The second layer is cotton-based and super soft, making them the perfect combination of fabrics for a comfortable and no-fuss practice. On the downside, these shorts only come in two colors: grey and blue. 

Quality: The 2-Dogs Yoga Shorts were crafted for tough, hot yoga classes where sweat is a problem. These shorts are tough enough to be worn multiple times a week and will still look brand new. Just to be sure however, we recommend hang drying them to preserve the quality of your shorts. 

Price: Although the 2-Dogs Shorts are one of the most expensive pair on our list, the unique design makes these shorts well worth the investment. And, what you get is twice the comfort and a short that is specifically designed for the practice of all styles of yoga. If you're worried about the cost of shipping outside of the U.K., Ohmmes international shipping is very affordable.

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