Oh! Nuts Chocolate-Covered Oreos

Best Gift for a Mom Who Likes Sweet Treats

Why people love it
  • Tastes delicious
  • Fun flavors and designs
  • Mom-approved gift

These sweet treats are certified Kosher, so they're perfect for Christmas or Hannukah. Decadent desserts covered with chocolate, nuts, and sprinkles.

Not a low-fat or low-calorie dessert.


Why she needs it:  Chocolate can put Mom in a good mood during the hectic holiday season. Plus, what mom doesn’t deserve a box of gourmet chocolates? Put that waxy candy bar back on the shelf and treat Mom to the good stuff this Christmas - if you’re lucky, maybe she’ll share a cookie or three with you.

Oh, and did we mention these delicious treats are dairy free?

Price: $30 is all you need to help Mom indulge in a creamy chocolate escape.

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