Why people love it
  • Great for guys with thick, heavy beards
  • Snorkel stays dry; prevents water leaking in while you swim
  • Comfortable fit and highly reliable

Highly effective and leak-proof seal, comfortable, can be worn for hours, great for natural breathing, built-in water drainage, separate breathing chamber, made of durable polycarbonate, and features 180-degree field of vision.

No GoPro mount included and the anti-fog coating not always effective.


Comfort: This mask is super comfortable for long hours of use, though some users report breathing difficulties after 30 to 45 minutes due to the small air intake port. However, the fit is excellent, and the airtight seal around the mask ensures it never leaks. Guys with heavy beards have raved about this mask—it will not leak, even around their bushy facial hair.

The straps on the mask are easy to tighten one-handed and keep the mask securely in place as you swim around.

Durability: The mask is made with a durable polycarbonate, though it's not scratch or shatter-proof. It only comes with a 90-day warranty.

Visibility: The 180-degree field of view makes it easy to see everything underwater, and the polycarbonate glass won't distort your vision. However, the anti-fog coating isn't as effective as it should be.

Features: The mask comes with a valve built into the chin that allows water to drain out as you lift your head from the water. The snorkel will self-seal when you go underwater (for a minute or two, and no deeper than 1-2 feet).

Price: Though not the cheapest mask on our list, it's definitely one of the best choices, thanks to its airtight, never-leak seal, solid comfort, and user-friendly design.

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