The Octaloofah is the first hands-free scrubbing device for the shower. You can position the Octaloofah to hit pressure points in your back and neck to help you relax and de-stress in the shower. 


The Octaloofah is the upgraded version of your tradition loofah. The back-scrubbing device easily attches to your shower and can be moved and re-positioned to hit and massage out all the pressure points in your back and neck. The first of its kind "smart" loofah even syncs with your smartphone, so you can easily play music and answer calls while in the shower. The Octaloofah is currently a Kickstarter project (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1222093645/the-octaloofah-the-most-fun-youve-ever-had-in-the) that runs into early 2015. 

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