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NYX Cosmetics Matte Bronzer

NYX Cosmetics Matte Bronzer
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This NYX Cosmetics Bronzer is affordable, matte, and leaves no shine or shimmer. There are 5 shades so you can find your perfect match. 
The color of this bronzer is orange-toned and may look unnatural on fair skin. 

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If expensive beauty products aren't your thing, this is the perfect bronzer for you. And, you can find it any drugstore. 

Color: We love that it has a wide variety of colors available (5 to be exact) so you can save money no matter what skin tone you have. Russet shades range from light to deep tan. This bronzer looks completely natural with no shine, which is always a plus. 

Application: The NYX Bronzer has a traditional round compact case like most drugstore bronzers which allows you to use any kind of brush. As a bonus, it comes with a sponge applicator and mirror for travelling. 

Price: For the $9 price, you can't find better - it's one of the cheapest bronzers out there. And, the cheapest one on our list. 

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