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Why people love it
  • Price tag under $2
  • Lasts longer than one would expect for a budget nail polish
  • Quick drying

Unfortunately this polish is not super pigmented, so it may take several coats to reach your desired color.


Specs: In addition to being budget friendly and long lasting, this polish dries in a New York minute (and we can attest to that). It goes on smooth and lasts for days. Oh, and you can buy it for under $2. Who doesn't love that?

We have to give an honorable mention to Wet and Wild Megalast Nail Color as a close second for the best budget nail polish. While it comes in an adorable bottle and features a square brush for easy application, we found this polish to be a bit goopy taking way too long to dry--which is why we ultimately went with NYC as the best budget option.

Shade Range: A lot--over 100 to be exact! We were also surprised by how much we loved the range of colors, expect fashion-forward shades that you would see in the most expensive of nail polish lines. Personally, we're big fans of Park Avenue and Full Metal Jacket, but regardless of what you're looking for NYC offers something for everyone. 

Staying Power: Lasts for days without chipping, even through constant hand washing.

Price: Unreal! Pick up a bottle (or 10) at your local CVS or Walgreens for under $2!

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