Why people love it
  • Some babies experience positive results in just 48 hours
  • Gentle formula helps babies develop a tolerance to cow’s milk
  • May qualify for reimbursement from a health insurance plan

This pricey formula is not organic and may contain GMOs. Some parents say it also has a funky odor.


Type: Nutramigen is available as a powder or liquid. The powder comes in a resealable canister with a pop-off lid.

Ingredients: Like most baby formulas, Nutramigen gets a hint of sweetness from corn syrup solids. We love that the formula contains hypoallergenic proteins that are easily digested by sensitive tummies, as well as the probiotic LGG. Unfortunately, the ingredients aren’t organic, but they do get the job done if you’re looking for a formula that provides colic relief.

Ease of Use: Like most formulas, it’s super simple to prepare a bottle of Nutramigen Enflora LGG. You can use the scoop inside of the container to measure out serving sizes, but you might want to try a digital scale instead so you can make sure you’re creating the perfect water-powder ratio for your colicky little one.   

Price:  At $1.84 per ounce, this is the priciest baby formula on our list. In fact, it costs more than twice as much as Earth’s Best formula. Luckily, parents say the high price is justified - and we agree. Especially since this formula may qualify for insurance reimbursement or a tax writeoff if you get a note from your baby's pediatrician.

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