Why people love it
  • Made with incredibly soft microfiber; maximum comfort
  • Stylish and perfect to wear with any outfit
  • Good compression without restricting blood flow

Mid-calf fit can be uncomfortable.


Performance: If you're a nurse on your feet all day, these socks are a must-have! Their lightweight compression makes them perfect for all-day use: they'll improve circulation and prevent blood pooling without being so tight they hurt.

The socks come in a wide range of styles: from zebra print to EKG to owls to pets and all the colors of the rainbow. Whatever the color, shape, or cut of your nursing outfit, you'll have no problem finding a pair of socks to match.

Design: For nurses of below-average height, the socks are just the right length. For the average-height person, the mid-calf length just feels weird, like you need to pull up the sock. Thankfully, the non-binding top won't squeeze your calves or cut off blood flow.

The socks are lightweight and stylish, made from super-soft microfiber that feels amazingly comfortable on your feet. Thanks to the padding in the heel and toe, you'll be able to walk around all day long without tired feet. Definitely the top choice for busy nurses!

Price: At less than $10 per pair, these are the best-priced compression socks on our list. They may not be designed for athletic wear, but they're just what a nurse needs to be comfortable all day long.

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