Why people love it
  • Seriously works!
  • Repairs cracks and moisturizes dry skin
  • Leaves feet soft and smooth

This non-greasy foot cream is easily absorbed and works quickly to repair cracked skin. Users experience speedy results and softer, smoother feet almost immediately.

Did you notice the price? Ouch.


We know that the price will scare a lot of people away. After all, there are cheaper foot creams on the market. But, this stuff is absolutely amazing and people flip for it time and again. Topping our list of pluses is the fact that it’s super effective. People who have battled cracked feet for years swear by its ability to heal in a rather speedy manner.

But, we also love that it’s virtually free of allergens, with the exception of coconut extracts, which isn’t a very common allergy. And, while it doesn’t have any added fragrances, it doesn’t smell like a chemical concoction. It’s also non-greasy and absorbs quickly.

The biggest complaint is clearly the price, but we must say that we would also love it a little more if the company didn’t perform animal tests – which they do in order to sell their products in China. We wish they didn’t feel the need to operate in that market which would make them cruelty-free, but it would likely push the price up even further.

Key ingredients: In addition to the urea found inside (yes, that’s an FDA-approved ingredient), you’ll find some allspice berry in here; it’s a rainforest plant that has been used for eons to repair dry, cracked, and irritated skin in Central America.

Hypoallergenic: Yes

APMA-approved: No

Paraben-free: Yes

Animal-friendly: No

Fragrance: There aren’t any added fragrances, but you may notice a touch of allspice berry from the extracts naturally occurring in the formulation.

Application: It’s suggested that you apply this both morning and night for optimal results. And, you might think that would mean this product disappears quickly, but it doesn’t. A little goes a really long way and you still get the results you want.

Package size: It’s a 4.2-ounce tube; that’s your only option.

Cost: You’re going to pay around $25 for the tube, and that makes it a little less than $6 per ounce which is perhaps a little scary. But, you’re paying for quality and results, so…

Bottom line: If you can afford it, you probably want it. And, indeed, that makes it an attractive gift. But, it’s worth keeping some of this on hand for emergencies – and probably for those summer holidays when it’s all bare feet and sandals.

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