Why people love it
  • Love, love, love the smell
  • You're going to love the soft smoothness of your hair
  • Imparts a lot of volume
  • It doesn't work for everyone
  • Some users don't like the texture

This is the kind of hair styling product that you'll want to eat; it smells so good. Truly, we can't overstate that.

But there are other benefits here too. It really does add a superb amount of volume while remaining lightweight.

The hold is long-lasting and the non-sticky formula will leave your hair shiny and soft, working well across long hair and short.

Hold: The hold on this mousse is a little difficult to explain, it is comparatively light, but it does have a strong lasting effect.

Perhaps the easiest way to describe it is that it will definitely hold waves on long hair for the whole day, but it won't do the same with artificial curls.

Shine: This definitely gives hair a little bit of shine. We wouldn't call it high-gloss, but you will definitely get a soft sheen.

Scent: The scent of this mousse is something you won't be able to escape; it's simply intoxicating.

It smells like crème brûlée - something like vanilla and toasted marshmallows. Yum...

What's inside: Not Your Mother's is a cruelty-free brand and this product is vegan. But, you should be aware that there are parabens in the mix; it also added fragrance.

Application: The manufacturer doesn't recommend a specific application, so feel free to experiment with wet and dry hair.

You're likely to experience more volume if you apply to damp hair and blow dry it in - but be careful not to use too much. Luckily, it doesn't leave your hair sticky.

Price: You'll pay roughly $29 or $30 for 2 bottles of this mousse - that's 14 ounces, which isn't bad at all. It works out to a little more than $2/ounce.

It's not a Prime product, but it does have free shipping which is a plus.

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