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Norwegian Getaway
Why people love it
  • Flexible dining times
  • Helpful staff
  • Allergy-friendly meal options

Dining options include a cafe, buffet, and room service, as well as a noodle bar and private restaurants. Has scored an impressive 100% multiple times on inspections executed by the Vessel Sanitation Program.

Small balconies, some of which face other rooms rather than the ocean.


Entertainment: “I’m bored” is something you’re unlikely to hear during a cruise on the Norwegian Getaway. This kid-friendly ship has activities for all ages, from parent-child programs for little ones under 3 to jungle gyms, karaoke, and crafts for the under-12 crowd. Teens 13 to 17 years old can shimmy and shake (supervised by attentive staff, of course!) at the teen-only nightclub or play some video games at Entourage.

But hey, there’s plenty for parents to do too! You can zip line across the boat, view a dinner-theater presentation, or place your bets at the casino. There are also more than 12 different bars for adults craving something other than juice or soda.

We should probably warn you that there are no Nickelodeon cruises as of 2017, so keep that in mind if your family wants to meet Jake and the Pirates, SpongeBob SquarePants, or other popular characters. Norwegian partnered with Nickelodeon for 3 years, but we haven’t heard anything about a contract renewal.

Dining: Chicken and waffles, teriyaki noodles, fresh-carved’re sure to find something that pleases your palate on the Norwegian Getaway. We love that you can eat whenever you want instead of honoring the strict schedule that some cruise ships require. After all, your toddler might have zero appetite at 5:00 p.m. but feel absolutely famished by 5:30.

Many of the food and nonalcoholic drink options on this ship are free, but you might incur a small fee if you order room service. Travelers recommend ordering the pass for unlimited drinks if you plan to down a lot of booze during your stay.

Amenities: This cruise doesn’t have many fancy amenities unless you book a mini-suite or a room in The Haven, but it covers the basics. You can find a TV in most rooms, as well as a toilet and shower. Some rooms have bathtubs, which is super important if you’re responsible for keeping kids clean who are too young to shower.

Ocean-side views are available, but prepare to pay extra. Request a room with an extra bathroom if you have a big family or little kids who can’t wait long to use the toilet.

Childcare: The Norwegian Getaway offers childcare for kiddos age 3 to 12. There’s also a club called Entourage for teens 13 to 17 year old. You can do fun activities with little ones under age 3 in The Guppies Program, but there’s no childcare for kids that young.

Price/Value: It’s hard to pinpoint a price for the Norwegian Getaway since fares vary based on where and when you’re going. Generally, we’ve found that you can book 7 days on the Miami boat for around $600, but cruises that depart from European destinations cost as much as $2200 per person. When you consider how much you’d spend for a hotel room and meals, the price for a cruise is extremely reasonable. Keep in mind that not all meals are free on the Getaway, but you can order specialty packages at a discounted deal. You may also have to pay for some shore excursions, but there are packages available with excursion credits.

Norwegian regularly runs a Free at Sea promotion that lets travelers choose between 5 different packages, including free WiFi and unlimited drinks. This helps keep costs low during your trip.

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