Why people love it
  • Great product at a wonderfully low price
  • Comfortable, durable, and versatile
  • Keep your feet cool and dry in the hottest and most humid environments

Beautifully low price tag, very comfortable, good quality material, great for hiking, not too hot, true to size, great durability, and stylish-looking.

Lacking arch support.


Performance: If you're looking to save on your vacation footwear, give these water shoes a try. Built with a durable protective toe and open sides and back, they offer good protection while still keeping your feet ventilated. You can hike, walk around town, play on the beach, or go swimming in these bad boys, and they'll keep up regardless of the activitity.

They're comfortable to wear for hours at a time, but those with flat feet need to know they're not the best shoes for arch support. The heel has decent cushioning, but there's no lift for your arches.

Design: The shoes are rugged and comfortable, with a quick-lacing system that will grip your feet tightly as you walk or hike. The synthetic material is surprisingly durable, even when wet. The pull-on loops will allow you to easily slip the shoes onto your feet. Thanks to the protective rubber toe cap, you'll never have to worry about scraping, stubbing, or injuring your toes as you hike.

The sole is sturdy, with a surprisingly aggressive tread for a pair of water shoes. Whether you're scrambling over wet rocks or hiking dusty trails, you'll have good footing thanks to the solid rubber soles.

Price: At a little over $25 per pair, these are some of the best-priced water shoes you'll find anywhere. They're durable enough for heavy use but comfortable and stylish—the perfect beach footwear!

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