Why people love it
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use (stove and grill)
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Smokes your food without filling your kitchen with smoke

Designed to use on the grill or stove, doesn't smoke up your kitchen, adjustable vent makes it easy to regulate smoke, and incredibly easy to clean.

Stovetop smoking chips are difficult to find.


Performance: If you want to make smoking easy, this is the smoker for you. It's designed to sit on your stovetop or your grill, keeping the smoke contained in a smaller space to concentrate the heat and smoke for maximum flavor and faster cooking. You'll love the food you produce with this smoker, and in far less time than you'd expect!

The kettle smoker can hold a turkey, chicken, or a decent-sized rack of ribs, though you'll want to be sure not to over-fill it (or the lid won't close). However, you'll love the fact that you can make smoked meat with nothing more than your stove. All you have to do is add the smoking chips, cover, and cook!

Features: The smoker has a built-in water tray, designed to release steam to make your meat juicy and tender. There's space for wood smoker chips, a durable rack for your meat, and built-in smoke vents to give you total control over the cooking. With the monitor thermometer, you can always keep an eye on your food.

Not only can it be used on your grill and stove, but it's even oven-safe and can be used as a kettle roaster!

Price: At $65, this product is slightly pricier than you might expect. However, it gives you lots of indoor and outdoor cooking options, and can be used as a multi-purpose cooker. All in all, a pretty solid choice!

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