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Nordic Track FS7i
  • Combines the stair stepper, treadmill, and elliptical into one piece of equipment
  • Assembly is quick and easy
  • Bestselling elliptical for home use
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Nordic Track has been a household name for years, and is known for producing quality products at a reasonable price. The Nordic Track FS7i is no exception. With this hybrid trainer you will get more for your money with a three-in-one elliptical, stair stepper, and treadmill combination. The Nordic Track FS7i provides a high intensity workout, without the risks that come with high impact exercise. And with a variety of program options, this elliptical is great for those who get bored easily.

Some users report that the 20-pound flywheel does not provide enough resistance and would prefer something with a bit more force.


Performance: The Nordic Track FS7i is auto-adjustable, features a comfortable center drive design, and offers one of the longest strides of any elliptical on the market. Stride lengths of up to 38” with a 10% incline make the NordicTrack FS7i perfect for working multiple muscle groups at one time. Translation? Get ready to burn a LOT of calories.

Features: The Nordic Track FS7i is one of the most high tech ellipticals on the market. It features a 7” web-enabled touchscreen that’s compatible with iFit programming. With an iFit membership, you can access the online workout library featuring daily downloads of personalized training routines and custom workouts that you can design using Google Maps. What does that mean for you? An endless selection of workout programs. What’s not to love about that?

Price: The retail price of the NordicTrack FS7i is $2,999, but can be found online for around $1,999 - making this a great option under $2,000.


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