Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden

Best Mother’s Day Gift for Moms that Love Gardening

Why people love it

  • Amazing sprout and grow rate 
  • Fantastic for future prepping 
  • Very well packaged 


There are some that believe a larger selection would be nice; there are only 32 variants in this pack. 


The most amazing thing about these packs of seeds is that nearly everyone reports an amazing sprout and grow rate. The gardening mom in your life should expect closer to 95 percent than the standard 40-50 percent sprout rate of similar products. And, because these are heirloom seeds, she can prepare next year’s crop from the seeds in her produce. Each pack is about $16 and you get 15,000 seeds. We suggest buying two packs, one for now – and one for the end of the world. If you’re interested, there are also larger variety packs, as well as herbs. How cool is that?

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

Want something that will bear fruit almost immediately? How about a Calamondin Orange Tree that’s grown to the point where it’s ready to bear fruit in the first year? Prices range from $50 to $120 depending on the size of the plant.

If you just want a small token, how about a Hydrofarm Dirt Bag Reusable Planting Pot? The 5-gallon size sells for less than $10, but you can buy bags up to 400-gallons. How about a set for your mom? If a lot of her time is spent in the garden, you know she needs this.

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