Noke: The World's First Bluetooth Padlock

Best Valentine's Gift for High Tech Men

Why people love it
  • Gives you access to your lock from anywhere in the world
  • Comes with manual release sequence just in case you lose your phone
  • Features monitor lock access to check for unwelcome visitors

Short shackle limits its versatility.


Details: If he's a high-tech guy, he's guaranteed to love this gift. The Bluetooth padlock can be connected to his/your smartphone, allowing you both to open it remotely. Don't worry that you'll lose your keys—the lock can be opened with the press of a button on your smartphone.

Not only do you have access to the lock as you pull into your driveway, but it's designed to be accessed from anywhere in the world. You can let a friend into your house or give access to the gardener while you're on holiday. It's highly convenient and an excellent upgrade to your home security. 

Price: Yes, $70 is definitely pricey for a padlock, but so worth it if he's the kind of guy who loves to automate home security (or anything, really). It's a high-tech solution to the simple problem of locking and unlocking your front door, back door, or garage door.

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