Best Christmas Gift for Home Automaters

Noke Bluetooth Padlock
  • Gives you access to your lock from anywhere in the world
  • Comes with manual release sequence just in case you lose your phone
  • Features monitor lock access to check for unwelcome visitors
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Amazingly convenient, get quick access to any lock, easy to set up the Noke app, and features a year-long battery life.

Short shackle limits its versatility.


The Details: Meet the Noke, the world’s first Bluetooth padlock. If he's sick and tired of traditional locks for the door, gate, or garage, or he's always losing his keys, you want this bad boy. The Noke stores a digital key on your smartphone, and you can open the lock with the press of a button.

Need to open the garage to let in the cleaning person, a gardener, or a buddy while out of town? Open the app and send a message with a single-use key to the person's phone to allow them access to the lock. It's quick, easy, and excellent for making home security as convenient as possible.

Price: At $70, this is a pricey lock. However, it's a great gift for the techie who wants to improve their home security the technologically advanced way!


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