Why people love it
  • Display all their favorite photos in one place
  • User-friendly; switches on and off thanks to motion sensor
  • Holds thousands of photos and hours of video

Large HD screen, LED lighting, built-in motion sensor, compatible with photos and videos, user-friendly interface, easy to add/remove photos, and excellent customer service.

Doesn't work well with iPhone/smartphone pictures.


Why They'll Love It: Give your in-laws the gift of memories! The digital picture frame has a motion detector that activates as they near the frame, displaying their favorite pictures of their daughter and grandkids, but shuts off when they are away to save power. The frame features high quality IPS LED backlighting with 800 x 600 pixels and a High-Resolution Panel with LED backlight, along with a surprisingly broad range of image and video playback options. Media is easily added with a USB drive, making it easy for them to add and remove photos.

Price: Starting at $70, this is slightly on the pricier side of digital photo frames, but a gift worth giving for the in-laws who love keeping photographs of their grandkids.

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