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  • Very easy to use 
  • Brilliant display 
  • Terrific gift 

This high-resolution photo frame also plays videos, has a motion sensor, and comes with a remote control. Load photos from an SD card or USB. 

You can’t access photos via WiFi. 


Everyone knows a smother (though not every mom can call herself that). If your mom can’t help but do everything for her kids and because of her kids, you know she doesn’t want anything more than happy kids for Mother’s Day. This digital photo frame is a terrific gift for anyone that can’t get enough of their kids. In addition to photos, it will also play videos (though the speakers aren’t great). The motion sensor means it will turn on whenever mom enters the room – and the remote control is easy enough for even the most technologically challenged to use. Plus, there are plenty of sizes available. The only drawback? It does not do WiFi (but that might be a good thing).

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

For the smother with an infant or toddler, this Nest Cam Indoor security camera also makes a great gift. Now she can watch whatever her darling is doing while she’s away. (And, yes, she wants to do that.) It’s not exactly cheap (MSRP is $200), but it can double as a visual baby monitor, so…

And, for the truly embarrassing smothers out there, you can feed the beast with this ePhoto Heat Press T-Shirt Transfer Machine ($210). If you know she’s going to embarrass you (or the kids) anyhow, you may as well embrace it.

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