Why people love it
  • Offers excellent lubrication to help your razor glide smoothly
  • Great for men with all skin types, but especially good for sensitive skin
  • Not as strong-smelling as other shave gels

Hard to measure gel output, meaning more waste.


Performance: For those who prefer to shave with a gel instead of foam or cream, you'll love the soft, soothing feel of this gel. Your skin will feel fresher and healthier after you shave, thanks to the soothing chamomile extract and protective Vitamin E. The list of ingredients includes witch hazel, which can help to reduce your risk of acne, rashes, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

The gel is surprisingly thick, though not as heavy as a shaving foam. It provides a nice lubrication that ensures a close shave without irritation, cuts, or nicks. In fact, it's designed with ingredients that will protect against nicks, cuts, bumps, and redness.

One of the best things about this gel is the fact that it's suitable for men with sensitive skin. If regular shaving creams, foams, and soaps cause you to break out in a rash, this Nivea cream is your best choice. It's formulated specifically for sensitive skin, with ingredients that will not irritate your skin.

Price: At under $7, this is a well-priced shaving gel. Though you may end up using more than you should every time you shave (thanks to the hard-to-press squeeze top), you'll find that it's solid value for the cost--especially if you have sensitive skin!

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