NIVEA Men Platinum Protect 3-in-1 Body Wash

Best Overall Body Wash for Men

Why people love it
  • Smells incredible 
  • Works well 
  • Women will love the way you smell 



Some users report that it’s not as hydrating as it could be. Additionally, you’ll find added fragrance and coloring in this body wash for men. 


We only have few tiny gripes about this product.. otherwise, it is the best body wash for men. The first is added dye (which is totally unnecessary). The second issue is added fragrances – except we love the way it smells, so we can't complain too much.

It’s easy to get over those issues; however, as this body wash also works as a face wash and a shampoo. Yep, just one bottle in the shower; how nice is that? It’s truly deodorizing, working to remove smelly bacteria as well as the grime from a long day. And, while it’s not ultra-hydrating, it’s also not going to dry your skin.

Price is yet another reason to love this body wash. When looking at the price per ounce, it’s one of the absolute cheapest you’ll find. And, it’s also available as part of Prime Pantry or as an add-on product to your next Amazon order. Who doesn’t enjoy that flexibility?

Skin type: All, made for men.

Scent: The manufacturer says this body wash for men has an “invigorating Ocean Burst scent”. What does that mean? Well we get a mild musky backdrop to a clean, fresh smell that some describe as slightly lemony. If you enjoy Burberry Light Blue cologne, this will be a winner for you.

Parabens: No

Sulphates: Yes

Added fragrance: Yes

Cruelty-free: No

Ease of application: This wash lathers easily and rinses without any hassles – whether you use hands or a washcloth.

Package size: 16.9 fl. oz.

Price: You’ll pay around $3.30 for a large bottle. It works out to 19 or 20 cents per fluid ounce – and that’s ah-maz-ing.

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