Why people love it
  • Subtle, manly scent that garners impressive reviews
  • Calms and soothes skin quickly
  • The refreshing, cooling sensation is great for sensitive skin

Sadly, this product from Nivea for Men contains parabens and it may contribute to breakouts if your skin is naturally on the oily side. 


This post-shave balm is great for men with sensitive skin. And, it's Amazon's number one best seller, so you'd better believe that this balm is special.  

It's made in Germany and doesn't contain any alcohol, so it won't dry our your skin. On top of that, it's brimming with vitamin E and chamomile, so you can expect a smooth, moisturized complexion. Daily users cite skin improvement over time. The only potential drawback to this product is it's stronger scent. Many men like it, but it doesn't have a universal appeal.

What Type of Aftershave Is This? Balm

What’s Inside? This doesn't have a lot of fancy ingredients, but it also doesn't have any alcohol. The key ingredients are chamomile and heads of vitamin extracts. We are going to point out that this aftershave balm does have parabens, but as of now, the FDA and World Health Organization haven't made the link between cancer and parabens

What’s It Smell Like? Sandalwood. It can come on a little strong, but many men (and lots of women) find it's incredibly manly. 

Will It Break the Bank? At just over $2 per fluid ounce, this is one of the most cost-effective aftershave products. And, it's one of the reasons it features so high on our list. 

What’s the Bottom Line? This is perfect for daily use, especially since it helps to relieve bumps and shaving lumps. We should note that shaving is an abrasive exercise so all freshly shaved skin is irritated, but this one is perfect for guys that experience that to the max. 

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