Why people love it
  • Surprisingly bright despite its tiny size
  • USB rechargeable—never worry about batteries again
  • 48 hours of illumination per charge!

Long-lasting light, 45 lumen output, single button use, adjustable light output, 9.6 grams, 2.2 inches long, hangs on your keychain, and super easy to operate.

Doesn’t come with USB cable for charging, and the battery lifespan is iffy.


Purpose: If you need a flashlight on your car keys or house keys, this is your best choice. Not only does it give you an easily accessible keychain flashlight, but it’s surprisingly bright for its tiny size. They’re not suitable for tactical or work purposes, but they’re great for when you need a bit of light in a hurry.

Performance: The flashlight produces 45 lumens, which is more than enough to light up a walkway or shine on the door lock to insert your key. The single-button operation allows you to turn it on and off in an instant, or you can adjust the brightness one lumen at a time by clicking (double click to brighten, single click to dim).

Even at full light output, you can expect up to 48 hours of battery life from this tiny flashlight.

The flashlight is USB-charged, and though it doesn’t come with its own cable, you’ll find it’s compatible with nearly any USB charging cable (for smartphone, camera, MP3 player, etc.). However, be warned: some users complain the battery on this flashlight gives out after a year of use, with some as early as 3-4 months after purchasing.           

Price: At $11, this is a nifty little keychain flashlight at a decent price. It even comes with a bonus 25-lumen keychain flashlight!

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