Nite Ize HandleBand

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Boy that Still Rides His Bike

Why people love it
  • Holds phone securely
  • Easy to use
  • Strong, sturdy, functional design

It just won’t fit every phone, so you’ll need to check that out before ordering.


Details: This is one of the coolest gadgets for guys (or all ages) that love riding their bikes. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to track their ride or just spend a few hours cruising the block (because you’ve told them they need some fresh air). We totally appreciate the price on this little gadget; it makes for an easy stocking stuffer.

While you’re at it, you could always look at these little bike lights; it says you trust your teenager to stay out a little later than before – and every young teen loves that. Or if he’s the sort that rides through local trails, this mini tire pump and bike repair kit will put everyone’s mind at ease.

Price: The Nite Ize HandleBand is priced just under $15, which we think is a total steal!

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