Why people love it
  • Easily withstands everyday use
  • Versatile blender with multiple functions
  • Smart vessel recognition

Modern touchscreen display makes it easy to choose the setting you need. Perfect for crushing, blending, processing, pureeing, and spiralizing.

As with most other blenders on our list, folks complain this one is too loud.


Capacity:  Depends on what you’re making! Like most Ninja blenders, this one includes a 72 oz. crushing pitcher, but it also comes with an auto-spiralizer, 8-cup processor bowl, and a 24 oz. single-serve blender cup.

You also get a 1200-watt base with a digital display. It has less power than many of our faves, but we’re willing to settle for less power in exchange for an auto-spiralizing option and other features that are unique to this blender. The smart vessel recognition cuts down on prep time and makes it easy to use the correct setting during our culinary adventures.

Performance: This Ninja blender is loud, but it does what it needs to do. In fact, it does more than any other blender on our list. You can spiralize zucchini for a low-carb dinner, blend sunflower seeds into a creamy spread, transform milk and ice into a frozen treat, or turn cashews into a fine flour.

Accessories: We already told you about the auto-spiralizer, 8-cup processor, and 24 oz. single-serve blender cup, but this Ninja blender also comes with a 35-recipe book.

With the exception of the recipe book, all of the accessories are dishwasher safe.

Price: Around $270 if you get this blender when it’s not on sale. If that seems high, just imagine how much you’d spend if you bought a blender, food processor, and spiralizer separately.

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