Nine West Jaya Cross-Body Bag

Best Christmas Gift for the Teen Girl that Loves a Good Purse

Why people love it
  • Incredible color and style
  • Perfect size
  • Expect to fall in love

Zippers are useful for keeping everything inside, but they can be a bit of a hassle.


It’s difficult to buy purses for teen girls; either they tote around their backpack or have a set style that you will struggle to comprehend. But, this isn’t as much of a purse as you might think. It’s the sort of bag you use for short vacations, college visits, and the like. And there are sooooo many gorgeous patterns and colors available.

Given the price, this is something you can totally get behind – and it will definitely make your teenage girl smile. If you’re after a backpack, this is one of the most stylish and functional. And, it might be difficult to believe, but a teen girl probably can’t have too many tote bags; this one is a real goodie.

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