Why people love it
  • Holds more than a standard trash can
  • Looks great in the kitchen
  • Doesn't drain batteries like other trash cans

This trash can is great for big families. If you are running yourself ragged trying to keep up with changing the trash liner then this trash can may make your job a little easier. It is 8.1 gallons bigger than the standard 13 gallon trash can.

Finding the right size trash bag can be a bit of challenge in store. Some people use 30 gallon bags, but you can find perfectly fitting ones here: 21 gallon trash bags.


Features: The main event is this trash can's infrared sensor that automatically opens when you reach to throw something away. It also stays open as long as you are near the trash can. It can last six months on a set of three size D batteries, which is pretty impressive for a touchless trash can. The oval shape allows for an extra wide opening that will fit larger trash easily. 

Cleaning: This trash can is one of the highest maintenance as far as cleaning. The stainless steel can be a little picky about the cleaner you use. And some people say it's hard to keep odors in the trash can. 

Size/Capacity: This is where this trash can stands out. It holds a whopping 21.1 gallons, without being overly bulky. 

Durability: Not much info can be found about the warranty. Some people had the lid malfunction after a few months and complained that it was even too sensitive. But on the flipside, some people have told us nothing but rave reviews of this trash can. 

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