If you're looking for the easiest and cheapest way to save water in your home, you need the Niagara Toilet Tank Bank.

  • Spend less than $5 to save water
  • Works on any toilet
  • Save water on every flush

You know that flushing your toilet wastes a lot of otherwise useable water. This clever gadget saves the day - and it's wildly inexpensive. Simply fill the Toilet Tank Bank and hook it inside your toilet cistern. This product displaces about 80% of a gallon in the tank so it's not used when you flush. Now, it doesn't give you the same control as dual flush systems, but it will work until you're fully prepared to upgrade your system.

What Reviewers Say:  

People love this product because it's inexpensive and does the job. Here's what they say about Niagara Toilet Tank Bank:

  • Now that I've ordered one of this and am pleased with it, will order another for our other bathroom. This is a very inexpensive product that will help conserve water when you flush your toilet. It's a simple concept, it works and as mentioned very inexpensive. You fill the pouch as instructed, you place it on the side of your tank and folks, it's just that easy!
  • We had been given some information about "Toilet Tanks" and began reading about them but was still ho-hum about dropping something into the Toilets Tank not thinking that it would matter all that much. We had read the many do not's about placing things into the Tank. But recently our local Government got involved in the Water Supply and Cost of it. So we dropped a couple of these into a purchase them later mode here on Amazon until recently when things here started to heat up about the Water-we purchased them and within a couple of days we had them filled them to the "Fill Here" Line, flushed the Toilet and placed the Toilet Tank Bank. My mind never pictured the amount of Water it would displace. But, when I saw where the Water was prior to placement and where it was after placing the TTB I wondered what took us so long. If you're an enviromentalist or NEEDING to conserve, which-ever state you're in, start with these Toilet Tank Banks. They're easy to fill, seal and place-not to mention the amount of Water you will not use.
  • We have had this in our tank for 2-3 months now and have noticed a huge difference in water usage.
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