Attaching an aerator to your faucets will save loads of water... and loads of money. And, Niagara makes some of the best.

  • 6-pack will cover a lot of faucets
  • Save more than 75% of water usage compared to standard aerators
  • 10-year guarantee

Usually, we don't need nearly as much water as we use to wash our hands... or the dishes. The easiest way to cut your water usage is the clever installation of aerators on the faucets in your home. Really, that's all it takes. Not only does this reduce the flow of water, it makes it feel softer. How cool is that? This 6-pack is easy to install and has some solid reviews behind it.

What Reviewers Say: 

With a very respectable 4.5-star rating on Amazon, you would expect to hear good things, right?

  • I bought these thinking, for the price, it's worth a shot. I was extremely impressed. It doesn't have one big flow of water like a higher GMP aerator, instead it sprays the water out like a shower head. I thought that might be annoying at first, but it really makes the pressure feel nice. We get plenty of water out of these and the fact that it's saving a lot of water is excellent. I've already recommended them to friends and family as a cheap, easy, no-brainer way to save on your water bill and save the environment!
  • I live in a condo and do not pay water bill however when we make a basic calculation you will see it equally beneficial to your budget as well. I have 6 faucets at home (kitchen and bathroom together) and without aerator they have a flow rate of about 4 gallon per minute. Assume that a family spends 20 minutes a day having taps on (at minimum) in total for washing hands, face or brushing teeth. Regular taps would lose 80 gallons while aerator fit ones would lose 10 gallons. Each day a family saves 70 gallons and this makes over 25500 gallons a year. The cost of water is $1.5 for 1000 gallons and so this makes a minimum saving of $38.25. Considering this water is mostly warm water, you will also save from the heating costs and plus will conserve thousands of gallons of water for the nature. It is such a win win win situation.
  • I have to say that I was surprised by these little devices. At $2.00 each they are well worth the investment.
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