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  • Reduces water expenditure by up to 3,650 gallons per year
  • Experience the perfect shower with the 6-foot hose and multi-setting handheld shower head 
  • Very durable and built to last

Reduces water usage by 20%, extra-long hose, designed for maximum energy savings, self-cleaning, corrosion-resistant,and built with high-impact ABS thermoplastic.

Flow compensator cannot be removed to adjust water pressure and the shower head has a small spray circumference.


Features: Let's be clear: there are water-saving shower heads that are even better at reducing water use, but they can't quite match the quality of this bad boy. This shower head spits out water at 2.0 GPM (compared to 1.5 or 1.6 of other low-flow heads). However, that's 20% less water output than conventional heads, so it does help to reduce water waste.

The fact that the shower head is non-aerating means that less hot water is wasted, so less energy is used to heat the water for your shower. The 9 jets spray water directly at you, and you have multiple settings to adjust the water pressure. You don't get a broad flow circumference, as the shower head is fairly small and the jets set close together. However, the flow of the head will remain consistent regardless of water pressure, thanks to the flow compensator.

The showerhead is built with high quality thermoplastic and a beautiful chrome finish. The extra-long hose makes this one of the most versatile shower heads on our list, and you'll find that it's very flexible and easy to move. Changing the setting on the shower head is as simple as twisting the face.

Price: At $17, this is the cheapest shower head on our list. It's not the most luxurious product, but very good at what it does: saving water and energy while giving you a great shower.

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