You know you're not just a seasonal fan when you keep your grill covered with the only acceptable logo known to man.

  • Most NFL teams available
  • Vinyl
  • Hook-and-loop velcro closure keeps cover in place

This has to be one of the best gifts you can give any man that loves his team... and his BBQ. This sturdy cover protects grills from the elements in between use. More importantly, it lets everyone know just how important football is in your life. Get it. Get it now. You know you want to.

What Reviewers Say:

Plenty of people already have a lot of good things to say about this BBQ cover. (We'll ignore their choice in teams for the time being.)

  • I ordered this grill cover because unlike the non-deluxe versions of the Orioles and Ravens grill covers, this one was supposed to be thicker with a soft lining on the inside. I'm pleased to say it arrived as expected, and seems durable and well made. It recently stayed in place as Irene came through the area (near DC) so it has been tested in a short time.
    One note - it is large so it should fit most large grills. My grill is rather small, but with the velcro fastening along the bottom, it has managed to keep the cover in place just fine.
  • MY husband loved this Green Bay Packers grill cover. It is padded, heavy duty, and well made. It also has velcro strips to attach it to the grill. We are very pleased with it. The cover came in good time and it was well packaged.
  • I got this for my husband when we found a huge birds nest in the grill and so far it has held up great. We had gotten the cheaper one about 2 years ago and it was no good by the end of the summer. This cover was a little more but worth it as it has some weight to it. Great buy

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