Camping? You need a chair. Tailgating? You need a chair. Entertaining in the backyard? You need lots of chairs. If you're a fan, this is the one.

  • Built-in 4 to 6 can soft cooler, program pouch and cup holder
  • Team logo printed on front and back (most teams available)
  • Comes with carrying case

There's almost always a need to sit. And if you're a real fan, these sturdy folding chairs are how you do just that. And don't worry, you won't cover that all important logo when you take a seat; each chair has a logo on the back as well. Get comfortable this season.

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  • I bought this for a friend of mine who is a BIG packers fan. She was in total awe of this chair. First of all it was shipped and received within 2.5 days and packed well. It comes with a carry bag with a handle. When we opened it up early (during happy hour) it is well made and sturdy and of course on the back of the chair its has "Packers" and the front with the big "G". But the most awesome part of this chair is the small zipper closure cooler on the left side of the handle; and on the right is the drink holder; then on the right side of the seat is a small holder with two slots; one to put like a magazine and the other has two slots for like your cell phone, TV remote, or whatever. She loves it and was shocked at all the wonderful extra's with it. Coleman did a great design on this chair. NOW I have to buy me and my son one of course ours will be the "Vikings"!!!!
  • We have had a number of folding lawn chairs and these may be the best we have owned.We will most likely buy several more.
    These are very sturdy and roomy with lost of storage space.
  • While I would be the first to tell you that not all NFL products are quality, this one seems to be holding up fairly well. This product has a cooler in one arm, a drink holder, and a pouch on the side to hold whatever you may need (ours holds a bottle opener and koozies). My husband and I had similar chairs that were lost in a move and were looking for another chair with built in coolers. He is a Packer fan, so I thought we'd try this out. So far we love this product.

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