Now, it's best if you can use this at the big game. But, there's nothing stopping you from showing your support at junior's soccer game.

  • Integrated carry strap
  • Most teams available
  • Lightweight and durable

You know you can't make it through an entire game without a cushion. At least, you don't want to - and that makes perfect sense to us. This cushion makes it so much easier to remain comfortable... and more importantly, it shows who you stand for (when you stand). Don't hesitate, you know you need this.

What Reviewers Say:

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  • Though I cannot understand why, stadium cushions with handles are not so easy to find. I wanted something that was reasonably comfortable, easily carried and if it had an emblem, it had to be one that meant something to us. This cushion (I actually bought two) filled the bill. Church pews get awfully hard as one ages, as do bleacher seats at sporting events. Because we are Pats fans, these have an air of respectability given that we live just outside of Boston. Also, let me add that they are non-skid so you won't slither off a church pew or a bleacher thereby ending up where you ought not to be.
  • absolutely perfect! everything my wife and daughter wanted while cheering for the boys at the field. solid, yet comfortable. Seems to resist water (although not waterporrf) and looks great. Handle may not seem necessary, until you throw them in the rear of the car and am trying to grab them out. Solid purchase !!!
  • This waterproof cushion has lasted through one football season and is still comfortable, easy to clean, and great looking. The material seems very durable. I have no complaints.

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