NFL and College Round Tailgating Table


You can easily keep one of these on hand for backyard BBQs during the summer. But, this table really shows its true colors when it's time to tailgate like a champion. Not only is this table sturdy, but it also collapses easily when it's time to pack it up. The addition of 4 hanging bottle or can holders built-in this table are a real bonus. Show your NFL pride and get this baby now.

What Reviewers Say:

If you're like most fans, you're going to love this NFL tailgating table.

  • Great table, for our last several tailgates, everyone raves about this thing.
  • I got this for my husband's birthday gift.
    We already used it once at a winery picnic event and cannot go back without it!
  • LOVE this table! We got it for tailgating and it is just perfect for those "careless" moments while ramping up for the game. Stops any alcohol abuse and wasteful mishaps as the cups stay securely in the holders. They hold all sizes of cups as well, from bottles to cans, and solos to tervises, does its job even better than we could have expected! It's also very easy to store, just pick up the fabric top, fold it and the rods easily collapse, much like the chairs that Logo makes as well. Phenomenal idea and exceeds expectations!

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