NEXX GARAGE Smart Remote Garage Door Opener

Best Multi-User Smart WIFI Garage Door Opener

Why people love it
  • Super easy to install
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Straightforward app (which works across many cell phones)

This gadget doesn’t open and close your garage; it just tells the opener when to do it making it (quick and) easy to install and operate across models and Smartphones. Besides being cost effective, it also integrates with Alexa and Google assistant.

Though it does integrate with Alexa, it’s not as intuitive as it could be; some users also experience issues with the automatic/time opening features. It doesn’t work across all garage door openers.


The big selling point for this unit is the Alexa integration (you know, that system which is slowly taking over our lives). But, it’s not as easy as that. To be fair, you should be able to set this up with very little trouble (though some users experience a little confusion when connecting it to their home WiFi networks), but you may need to turn to customer service to complete the process and set up your Alexa integration.

Luckily, customer service is one of the big things this Smart garage door opener has going for it. Now, there are just a few things you may want to make a note of before rushing out to purchase it (as most real users would urge you to do instantly).

For a start, the sensor setup requires you to actually put in some effort. While some garage doors make it easy, there are plenty of homeowners that develop their own workaround to get it right. And, if you’re the kind of person that leaves the garage door open while you’re working in it (or using it as a base for yard work), you (and anyone else connected to your setup) will receive messages every 15 minutes to inform you that your garage door is open. You have to manually switch these alerts on and off which doesn’t make it appealing to everyone.

The location-based opening services are still in the beta stages and seem to work instantly for some users while others don’t have the easiest time. But, as we said – beta. And, that’s a good thing. It means the company is committed to developing the app which makes this a strong contender to move up the list in coming years.

Max doors: 1 per unit, sadly.

Integrates with: Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Garage door compatibility: Nexx supports a huge range of openers. The compatible list can be found here.

Connects via: 2.4GHz 802.11 Wi-Fi

Home automation hub required: No

Compatible apps: Nexx Garage. Get the Apple app here and the Android app from Google play here.

Compatible devices: Smartphones, tablets, and Apple watches.

Geofencing: Yes. It’s in Beta stages at the moment, so you shouldn’t expect a lot at the start, but it’s definitely on the up and up.

Number of users: You can add and remove an unlimited number of users with this Smart garage door openers. That’s a nice touch. However, you don’t have as much control over entry and exit parameters as you do with Gogogate 2. But, you still get a record of who comes in when.

Video capability: No

Additional features: Timed opening and closing, though not everyone needs it.

Alerts: Yes, through the app.

Installation: Some users think it’s a breeze; others find the unit isn’t super intuitive. We think you may want to check out the video guides offered by Nexx before you get started.

What’s included in starter pack: You get one unit and the wiring and sensors you need for one door.

What else will you need: If you have more than one garage door, you’ll need more than one unit to control the doors. The app will allow you to control multiple units, but you need one unit per door. Because a few users have had to develop workarounds for their garage doors, they’ve had to make a trip for extra wire, screws, or other supplies, but that’s not universal.

Costs and warranties: It costs $100 and that’s all you need to pay (especially if you have a Prime membership to qualify for the free shipping). That includes a 1-year parts warranty from the manufacturer and Amazon offers 2 or 3-year protection plans if you’re interested.

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