NewAir AC-10100E

Best Portable Air Conditioner for Small Spaces

Why people love it

  • Cools the space remarkably well 
  • Simple installation 
  • Relatively quiet and easy to move 


Okay, it is loud, and you will need to check the ventilation to get it to work properly. 


Although this is a single hose model, it’s rather effective and you hardly need to drain this portable air conditioner. Now, it is a compact model – it can only handle a small space compared to other units available, but it does have a sleep mode and you also have a programming option. The one thing users really seem to love (besides the efficacy) is the easy set up and the ability to shuffle it from room to room as needed.

All that said, it only offers a 2-speed fan and its dehumidifier capability is limited. And, we need to warn you that it is on the loud side, but many people actually report that it’s quieter than they expected. We think that it could be a little less expensive given that it doesn’t have the same bells and whistles as other models, but they do offer fantastic customer service - which we love.

Room size: 325 sq. ft.

Power: 10,000 BTU

Maximum airflow: 218 CFM

Single or dual hose: Single

Fan operation: Yes, 2-speed with adjustable louvers.

Dehumidifier: Yes, 50.64 pints/day.

Noise level: 57dB

Display: LCD display

Sleep mode or timer: Yes, The unit will shut down automatically after it has been in sleep mode for 12 hours. There’s also a 12-hour programmable timer.

Remote: Yes

Weight: 60.5 pounds

Price: The MSRP is about $500, but you should be able to find it closer to $400 most of the time.

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