New Mama Gift Box

Best Gift for a New Mother

Why people love it
  • High-quality products
  • Packaged nicely
  • Gentle, natural formulas

A hormone-regulating tea helps mom feel like her post-pregnancy self again. Soothing formulas hydrate and soften skin.

A handful of reviewers complain that the product containers are small.


Why she needs it: She may miss having an identity other than Mommy, no matter how much she loves her new bundle of joy. After being showered with baby gifts and bombarded with visitors who want to see her newborn, this gift set reminds the special new mom in your life that she’s important too. She’ll love the skin-softening salve, especially after she washes her hands for what feels like the millionth time after changing yet another dirty diaper.

Price: For approximately $60, you get a top-notch, all-natural gift set that shows a new mom she’s loved.

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