New Balance WX608V4 Training Shoe

Best Budget Cross Training Shoes

Why people love it

• Shock-absorbing design makes them great for active users

• Durable construction and built to last

• Comfortable when broken in; supportive and stable


Poor ventilation and high risk of blisters with these shoes.


Performance: For those who are looking for budget cross-trainers, these are a great choice. Not only are they affordable, but they're a surprisingly durable pair of shoes that can last for months of hardcore use. Thanks to the added cushioning built into the heels, you'll be able to walk or run without discomfort.

They're not the most stylish, though. They're a bit thick, wide, and heavy, and those with narrow feet will find that there's a bit of rubbing (higher risk of blisters) around the ankles. However, they offer good stability and support, which makes them a good option for cross training shoes.

Features: These shoes are fairly simple, featuring a durable rubber outsole for solid traction, an IMEVA midsole with moderate arch support, and a synthetic upper (which sadly lacks breathability). The classic lacing system will help the shoes to grip your feet tightly. The internal shank will increase stability, and you'll love the shock-absorbing design of New Balance's Abzorb heel cushion.

Price: At $40, these are some of the best-priced cross training shoes for women around. You'll find they last a long time and provide everything you need for your workouts. All in all, a great choice!

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