Best Men's Underwear for Light Running

New Balance Men's Dry Fresh Athletic Boxer Brief
  • Perfect for men who sweat a lot
  • Snug, but not too snug
  • One-of-a-kind waistband

Thin material with minimal seams makes these boxer briefs super comfortable and lightweight. Designed with a fly opening.

Need to be washed first to get rid of the initial itchiness.


Fabric: Many of you might have only heard of New Balance shoes. But, just because this is a shoe brand, doesn't mean you should dismiss these boxer briefs for running. They are made with 87% polyester and 13% spandex making them chafe-free. The thin material has minimal seams, which is why they're so comfortable. As a bonus, they also have mesh panels that allow for breathability. In case you're wondering, they do get somewhat damp after a serious run, but the moisture wicking fabric dries quickly. Not only that, they are made to resist odor. 

Fit: The best part about the New Balance Men's Dry Fresh Boxer Briefs is the fit. These are form fitting and fit true to size. And, the waistband fits perfect too - not too tight, not too loose, and doesn't roll up. 

Price: These boxer briefs cost around $30 for a two-pack. Price-wise these aren't cheap, but definitely not the most expensive. Never tried them before? Make sure you do now; this is one brand you don't want to miss.


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