This little camera is 100% wire-free and can go pretty much anywhere.

  • Watch live streamed or recorded videos from your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Wire-free design and magnetic mounts
  • Night vision cameras with HD clarity

This camera will you motion alerts on your smartphone and allow you to view up to four cameras at once. The Arlo can be placed anywhere inside or out as it is weatherproof and has night vision. Arlo can stick anywhere thanks to their magnetic mounts that you can pop on and off anywhere you want to set them up. 

What Reviewers Say:

This is a sexy little unit. So, what do other think about it?

  • I had the system up and running in five minutes. Super easy, you simply connect the base station to your router using the supplied cat5e cable. I had a shorter cat6 cable so I actually used this instead. After it is plugged into the router you go to the Arlo website and create your account. The final step was to put batteries into the cameras and pair them to the base station. Both cameras were paired almost instantly! Compared to running camera wires or dealing with powerline networking (Alert) this was a breeze.
  • We love this set up! I need to purchase several more cameras!
  • About the system, it is exactly what I needed to provide motion video alerts to view with my iPhone of my front door area and driveway, without drilling holes thru my house, and running wires all over the place, etc. Setting camera couldn't be easier, one screw, attach the holder, and the camera attaches magnetically. Very cool.


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