Netflix Account

Best Graduation Gift for the Entertainment Lover

Why people love it

  • Soooooo many movies and TV shows to watch 
  • They can stream or order DVDs by mail for newer releases 
  • Much cheaper than a weekly trip to the movie theater 

You know what works great to help new graduates switch off their brains after a long day of work? Netflix. Of course, they need to find a job first, but that’s alright because Netflix will be there to keep them entertained in between marathon sessions of applying to jobs and heading out on interviews.

Probably none, unless they live out in the boonies and the streaming service doesn’t work that great there.


Happiness Factor: So long as they appreciate movies and TV, they’re sure to love this gift—especially if it gets them off of your account.

Practical Applications: They might use this every day of the week or only on Sundays to catch up on their favorite binge-worthy show. Either way, it’ll get used.

Price: It depends on which plan you pick for them and how long you plan to pay the bill, but all of them are super affordable.

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