Providing remote access in and out of your home is one thing.  But, what happens when everyone that's meant to get in already has their own key?  All you want to know is whether they’re in and safe (and that no one else is, right).  Install a Netatmo in your home and see who’s come into and gone out of your home.


Know who’s at home and check when they got in with this handy gadget.  All you need to do is plug it in and set it up by the front door.  When people come in, they’ll register on the device, and you’ll get a message.  Can’t wait to get on the Netatmo bandwagon?  You’ll need to wait just a bit, but we’ll be bringing you an update.


Netatmo has facial recognition software so it will recognize familiar faces and know when a stranger is at the door then notify you of their presence. It has night vision and the ability to record video when it determines there is an important moment to capture. It's like hiring a security guard for your home.

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