Why people love it
  • Connected via Wi-Fi for consistent, reliable connectivity free of radio frequency interference
  • Excellent camera with an extra-wide viewing angle
  • Easy to set up and start using immediately

Top-quality video, quick and easy to set-up, highly reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, and user-friendly with multiple features.

Streaming suffers with slower internet connections.



If you want a high-tech WiFi baby monitoring device, this is the one for you! It's designed for quick setup (60 seconds to get started), and you can begin streaming your video and audio live from the high-quality video camera to any iOS mobile device or computer in your home. The video is top-quality, with crystal clarity rivaling any HD camera. With a 130-degree field of view, you can see everything that's happening in your child's room.


The camera can be tilted, panned, and zoomed to adjust the picture. The device comes with two-way talk, and you'll find that the video quality in low-light settings is well above average. The WiFi won't interfere with any other radio frequency devices at home (garage door openers, cordless phones, etc.). Best of all, you can be connected ANYWHERE in the world that has Wi-Fi. Simply log onto the mobile app and access your monitor online to see what's happening in the little one's room.


This comes in at a reasonable price and perhaps can be used elsewhere when you no longer need it as a baby monitor. It comes with the option for cloud storage, but you have to pay a minimum of $99 per year. Thankfully, this feature is optional, but either way, the cost is a tad high.

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