Nespresso VertuoLine Giornio

Best Low Intensity Nespresso Pod

Why people love it
  • Mild intensity that retains a rich roundness
  • Fast shipping and good service
  • Smooth, balanced, and not too strong

Apart from a few damaged pods (a shipping issue) – and the price, nothing at all.


If you need a few cups of coffee to get you going in the morning, you probably can’t handle serious intensity and need something a little more mild, and this is the one to get.

The flavor is surprisingly rich and rounded. We say surprising, only because you wouldn’t expect such bold tastes from such a mild brew.

That said, they’ve really taken all the right steps to make this perfect for a full cup of coffee; inside you’ll find split-roasted Arabica and the blend combines some acidic beans with smoother ones and you’ll love the crema that comes out this capsule.

However, it is on the expensive side which means you may not want to go this route if you must down three cups of coffee before leaving the house every morning. But it’s still cheaper than buying that many cups at your local coffee shop. All that said, this is a weekend morning delight and crafted for those that love a good, long, mild cup of coffee.

Pod type: Nespresso VertuoLine

Intensity: 4

Beans, roast, and origins: The 100% Arabica beans are grown in Ethiopia and Kenya – some of the finest coffee growing regions in the world. And they’re split-roasted to intensify the flavor without adding too much intensity.

Flavor and aroma notes: Nespresso calls this a breakfast blend – and they also believe the intensity is around the middle mark. We’d say that it’s on the higher end of the low spectrum. And it is supposed to make roughly 8 ounces of coffee. You’ll taste some sweet floral notes and just a touch of acidity.

Price: It’s $12 for a 10-pack of these Vertuo pods and that’s really not cheap. Still, the flavor profile is spot on and if that matters to you, there’s a good chance you’ll pay the asking price here.

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