Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Best Espresso-Style Single Serve Coffee Maker

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  • Makes delicious Espresso
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Nespresso pods aren’t cheap and there aren’t as many choices as you might like.


If you enjoy a morning shot of espresso, this is the best single serve coffee maker for you. It’s very reasonably priced (for the machine) and you do get a few options on the size (including an Americano option – or Lungo, as Nespresso calls it).

We love that it preheats in a mere 30 seconds and appreciate the 9-minute auto shut off feature. But, the best things about this machine are the smooth, compact styling and that it’s remarkably quiet. That’s a big deal when you want to wake up to espresso, but you want the rest of the house to remain sleeping. Oh, and coffee snobs love it.

Pods or grounds? This only works with Nespresso pods. The selection isn’t as extensive as with K-Cups, but the pods are arguably better for espresso fans. They are, however, more expensive.

Reservoir size? The removable reservoir holds 24 ounces. That’s not huge, but it does help to maintain the slim design of this machine.

What are the adjustable options? Two rubber buttons on the top of the machine enable basic controls.

  • Coffee styles: Espresso or lungo (Americano-style).
  • Espresso sizes: 1, 2, and 3 ounce shots.

Any other features? It can deal with up to 10 used pods before you need to get in and remove them. That’s on par with the 24 ounce water reservoir if you drink espressos. If you’re primarily a fan of Americano-style coffee, you probably want another machine. It has an auto shut off feature which activates after 9 minutes of non-use. And, every machine comes with a 16-capsule starter pack, which makes for a good gift.

Will it break the bank? You’ll pay about $135 for one of these machines. That’s right down the middle in terms of pricing – and it is a great value for the money if you’re after a daily shot of espresso.

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