Nespresso OriginalLine Rosabaya

Best Medium Intensity Nespresso Pod

Why people love it
  • Smooth, balanced flavor with a hint of sweetness
  • Quality product
  • Perfect aroma and crema without any bitterness

Apart from a few damaged pods (due to occasional shipping issues), nothing at all.


Not everyone needs the serious jolt that comes with a super intense espresso. And sometimes, you just want a longer coffee that still has a richness to it.

This is an awesome blend that has a bit of natural berry sweetness. If you add a bit of sugar to your coffee, you can accentuate that flavor. The same goes for a little milk to go with the incredible crema you find using these pods.

As a single origin brew, you can bet this company knows who is growing the beans, where, and how. And that makes a difference to taste (and, of course, the price).

Better still is the aroma that comes with this. It’s super rich which may have to do with the wet method used to protect and enhance the aroma before the beans are dried.

If the description startles you a little, we dare you to give it a go; you’re going to flip; most people do.

Pod type: Nespresso OriginalLine

Intensity: 6

Beans, roast, and origins: This is one of Nespresso’s pure origin capsules – this means that they know exactly where these beans come from and how they were grown. In this case, it’s a handful of small farms in the highest regions of Columbia. Arabica beans are handpicked and are split-roasted.

Flavor and aroma notes: The flavor here might be a little surprising for some coffee drinkers as you’ll find some red currants and cranberry flavors in the mix. And, it’s super, super aromatic, but you’ll smell that gorgeous fresh coffee smell, not the fruit.

Price: It’s about $10 for a 10-pack, but it is a true Nespresso product. What we can say is that’s cheaper than heading to your local coffee house, but just as delicious.

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