Nespresso OriginalLine Ristretto

Best Nespresso Pod for Espresso Lovers

Why people love it
  • Balanced, smooth flavor that's on the bold side
  • Brilliantly fast shipping at a good price
  • Makes excellent espressos

This is super strong and yet wonderfully balanced; the price isn’t bad at all and we love the fast shipping.

Apart from a few damaged pods (due to shipping issues), nothing at all.


Let’s just throw it out there; we considered this as a best overall Nespresso coffee. We also considered it for the high-intensity category. We could easily have slotted this as a runner up in either position. But, where it really shines is where we’ve put it.

You might think that’s a little strange given that this is labeled as a Ristretto, but we got over that quickly. For a start, the manufacturer says it’s good as both a ristretto and an espresso. And secondly, we urge you to give it a try before you walk away from such a bold statement.

And sure, you can mix it up to a latte or cappuccino if you want – and you might want to; the flavor on this holds seriously well no matter how much milk you add to it. That said, you may not need to, it’s seriously creamy, foamy, balanced, and addictive. Give it a try; you’ll see.

Pod type: Nespresso OriginalLine

Intensity: 10

Beans, roast, and origins: Full-bodied Arabica (a mix of East African and South American) with robusta zing – cool, right? It’s one of Nespresso’s Intenso line and it’s quite amazing. And, have you seen that intensity? Yep, it carries all the way through the roast.

Flavor and aroma notes: While you will definitely get that chocolaty taste, there’s a vanilla creaminess behind it. It’s somehow strong and slightly acidic, but still really, really balanced and smooth. One reviewer hit the nail on the head in saying that it’s a “strong and robust European-tasting coffee.”

Price: At $38 for a 50 pod box, it’s not a bad price for a true Nespresso product; it works out to 76 cents per capsule. More than that, you get fast, Prime shipping which actually makes this a decent price for such a strong brew.

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