Nespresso OriginalLine Ciocattino

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Why people love it
  • Perfect chocolaty flavor
  • Surprisingly rich but balanced
  • Good product and shipping



Not everyone loves flavored coffees; nor do they love them equally. What makes it even harder to find the perfect one is the sheer variety of options between chocolate or caramel or vanilla or cinnamon or whatever…

And, if you try them both, you’ll know why we had such a difficult time ruling out the Nespresso VertuoLine Vanizio; it’s also a stunning blend. But the Ciocattino just edged it out. That alone should tell you something.

It’s not exactly easy to sum up why we love it so much, but we’d have to say it’s because of the balanced approach Nespresso has taken with this. The chocolate isn’t too sweet, nor is the coffee too bitter. And, you should expect a strong, rounded flavor to the very last drop.

It makes for a great mocha. And, even if you’re not sold, you should keep them on hand for… just in case.

Pod type: Nespresso OriginalLine

Intensity: 6

Beans, roast, and origins: Coming from Columbia and Costa Rica, it’s a rich, full-flavored roast with plenty of chocolate block notes.

Flavor and aroma notes: Do we really need to explain this? Probably not, but we would like to mention that the balance of chocolate is quite perfect with the full coffee taste - and you’ll also get some malt and cereal flavors, without too much bitter or sweet.

Price: These come with the price tag you’d expect from a Nespresso product – just shy of 80 cents a pod. Yep; average. But, they do come with Prime shipping.

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